Dogs, just like people, need exercise to stay healthy and build muscle. American Bullies are no exception. If you are a proud owner of this dog breed, you must ensure it gets the exercise to build — and maintain — muscle mass. We dedicate this blog post to the exercises that will help your American Bully build muscle and look buff. Keep reading to discover the ultimate exercise plan.

The Best Muscle-Building Exercises for American Bullies

As a Bully owner, you’ll know that exercise is important. So, without further ado, let’s kick off this Capcity Bully blog and start your pet with their new exercise plan as soon as you’re done reading!


#1 Genetic Limitations

Before we go any further into this American Bully blog and look at the exercises, we have to make an important point. Every Bully owner should know that the muscle mass of the Bully is determined by genetics. If your Bully’s parents are skinny, your puppy will probably be skinny, too. In these cases, you may be limited in what you can achieve and improve with exercise. It’s still worth trying, though! In case your American Bully has the right genetic predisposition, you can start them on an exercise regimen and achieve great results.


#2 Take Your Bully for a Daily Walk

The most important exercise for American Bully puppies is their daily walk. As an owner, you should walk your Bully every day for at least 30 minutes. As time passes, you can extend these walks to 60 minutes daily. It’s also important that your dog gets some running time in — at least once a week. 

#3 High-Protein, High-Fat Diet


Diet is just as important as exercise for building muscle. Combining the two ensures your American Bully gets everything it needs to build muscle. So, create a diet that is high in both protein and fat. Choose dog food that is at least 30/20. This food contains 30% more protein and 20% more fat than regular dog food. The Bully will burn through the fat with the exercise and use the protein to put on some muscle. You will find more information on creating a diet for your Bully on the Capcity Bully blog.


#4 Supplements

Bully Max  muscle support tablets  @ Amazon, click here

The right diet goes a long way in helping your Bully build muscle. But you may discover that diet alone is not enough. American Bully puppies can put on muscle more quickly if you introduce supplements to their diet. Through the supplements, your pet will get all the nutrients they need to build muscle. The supplements contain plenty of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Plus, they are in the form of chews, so they can serve as treats. So, you also get to reward your Bully. And if you read any American Bully blog, you know that rewards are an important part of the training process.


#5 Weight Vest

weight vest can be purchased @ Amazon, click here

Weight vests are great additions to any dog’s exercise routine. The vests provide resistance and add weight to your Bully’s body. This makes the exercise routine more effective. However, choosing the right vest for your four-legged companion is essential. Ensure you get the right size — it should neither be tight nor loose. The weight of the vest is also something to consider. A vest can weigh between 2 to 10 pounds, but you should start slowly and increase the weight. The team behind the Capcity Bully blog advises that the vest doesn’t weigh more than 10% of your Bully’s body weight


#6 Spring Poles


The spring pole is another great exercise tool. In essence, spring poles are tug ropes. Your American Bully can tug on it, having fun and exercising at the same time. The tug rope of the spring pole is connected to a heavy-duty spring that can be attached to an outdoor structure. Just ensure the spring pole is attached to a firm structure, so your Bully won’t hurt itself while enjoying its game of tug. 

#7 Flirt Poles


Another popular exercise tool for American Bullies is the flirt pole. These poles consist of a sturdy yet flexible pole with a string attached to it and a lure at the end of it. The lure is just a dog toy that will attract your Bully’s attention. Dangling the toy in front of your dog will motivate it to chase it and try to reach it. Besides physical exercise, flirt poles are great for mental exercise as well. 

 #8 Weight Pulls


The first thing to know about weight pulls is that they’re not suitable for American Bully puppies. If you want to introduce weights to your Bully’s exercise regime, you need to wait until it’s older and can handle the weight. The weights your Bully pulls shouldn’t exceed its body weight. Otherwise, the weight can cause more harm than good. Other than exercise, weight pulling can help your Bully with any behavioral issues it may have.


#9 Swimming


If you read any American Bully blog, you’ll find out that Bullies aren’t natural swimmers like some other dog breeds. However, you can teach your Bully how to swim. Swimming is a great exercise for dogs. It helps build muscle mass and create muscle definition. Be mindful to take your Bully swimming in shallow water and stay by its side. It’s also a good idea to avoid cold water and keep the swimming sessions short. Make it look like a game, and your Bully will want to go swimming before you know it!

#10 Don’t Forget About the Rest Period

Some Bully owners often forget about the most important part of any exercise routine — rest. Exercise is necessary to activate the muscles. But the rest period is when these muscles are built and defined. So, make sure your American Bully gets plenty of rest and a good night’s sleep. Once that Bully is well-rested, you can really see those muscles pop! So, wait no more and get your four-legged friend started on that exercise regime. 


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Hail to the decision to bring a new pet into your family! Now finding the perfect match is your greatest concern, as it is key to creating the ultimate home balance. 


When considering the American Bully, be aware it is a relatively new and fascinating breed. Moreover, these dogs are characterized by strength, loyalty, and affection. But as we have often mentioned, this is only a tiny wee of what makes them an exceptional choice for a family pet.


In this blog post, we will once again delve into the origins of the American Bully and explore the key characteristics that make it an excellent family companion. In addition, we will also provide guidance on ensuring you make the right choice when bringing this remarkable breed into your home!

The Origins of the American Bully


This breed came into existence recently, back late 20th century. It was around that time when we got the American Bullies by carefully crossing various bully and non-bully breeds. In particular, breeders have crossed the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bulldog, and Mastiff breeds through a few generations. It resulted in a dog with a powerful and muscular build but also coupled with a gentle and friendly temperament. The combination of these traits is a result of these intentional breedings. Now, the USA Bully possesses a unique blend of physical attributes and personality traits that set it apart from other breeds.

Why the American Bully makes a good family pet


One of the standout features of this Bully is its exceptional intelligence. Plus, the fact they are athletic and have unwavering loyalty to their families is very accented. These qualities make them well-suited for becoming cherished companions in families. Especially those families who have children click super fast with American Bully Puppies.


The innate gentleness and patience make our Bullies ideal playmates for kids. Moreover, they are protective of their loved ones, and it is a built-in trait. So, their loyalty is unwavering, and they form deep bonds with their human family. All this makes them loving and devoted pets.

Key Characteristics of the American Bully


Beyond their loyalty and affection, the American Bully possess a range of distinctive characteristics that make them truly special. Their intelligence allows them to be easily trained. American Bully Puppies are adaptable to various living environments. They can thrive in both urban and rural settings.


Moreover, their muscular build makes them ideal for active playtime and exercise with their family members. On the other hand, the Bully has a confident and friendly demeanor. When properly socialized, they tend to get along well with other dogs and pets.

Ensuring you make the right choice


Before bringing a Bully into your home, it is crucial to consider certain factors to ensure the best possible match.


Firstly, assess your lifestyle and daily commitments to ensure you can provide the time and care this breed deserves. Their loyalty demands that they receive ample attention and affection from their owners. Regular exercise and mental stimulation are also essential to keep them happy and well-adjusted. Additionally, consider the size of your living space. Can it accommodate an energetic and medium-to-large-sized dog? Providing a safe and secure environment for your American Bully puppies to thrive is vital!

A family guardian and social companion


Beyond their physical attributes and intelligence, the American Bully has a role as a family guardian. Furthermore, they are devoted social companions too! These dogs have a strong protective instinct. Thus, their loyalty extends to safeguarding their family members from potential threats.


However, it is important to note that despite common misconceptions, American Bully puppies are not naturally aggressive. But their imposing appearance and protective nature make them an effective deterrent against intruders. Still, for the puppy to grow into a healthy adult, early socialization and proper training are crucial! Hence, it is the only way to ensure your bully exhibits friendly and appropriate behavior toward strangers and other animals.


The American Bully’s natural inclination to form strong bonds results in their need to always be by their human’s side.

Finding the best Bully for you


When considering getting a Bully, find a reputable breeder. You need to get in touch with someone who puts the health and well-being of their dogs at a pedestal.


Responsible breeders focus on producing physically and mentally sound puppies with excellent temperaments. Get proactive and research potential breeders, even visit their facilities. Oh, and make sure to ask about their breeding practices and the care they provide to their dogs. In any case, a reputable breeder will be transparent, answer all your questions, and provide health guarantees for their puppies!

Responsible ownership and ongoing care


As a responsible American Bully owner, it is crucial to prioritize their care and well-being throughout their lives. To achieve this, start by offering a balanced and nutritious diet to maintain their health and energy levels. Regular exercise, including daily walks and playtime, will help keep them physically fit and mentally stimulated. Also, bring your beloved pup to the vet for regular checkups. Vaccinations should be kept up-to-date, too, just to ensure they remain in their top health.


Additionally, grooming requirements for American Bullies may vary depending on their coat type. Regular brushing and occasional baths will help keep their coat clean and healthy. Emphasizing training and socialization from a young age will ensure that your Capcity Bully grows into a well-mannered and well-adjusted family member.

Looking for a pet with which you can find the ultimate home balance is key


With an American Bully, you get the strength of a wild animal, packed with a kind soul and an incredible set of eyes that watch over you.

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The American bully puppies start their lives as extremely cute and cuddly small animals. But, not soon after, they grow up to be beautifully large and muscular. That means to thrive and develop healthily, rich nutrition is essential. In essence, they need a well-balanced diet not just to grow but also to maintain their muscles.

If you are a proud owner of a wonderful dog from the American bully breed, then you have come to the right place. Today, we will explore what it needs in terms of nutrients so they can thrive and become the powerful breed we know them to be!

So, without further ado, here’s what you need to consider when buying food for your American bully:

   1.Choose the premium dog food

Make a note of this because it is crucial. Why? Because ultimately, this leads to giving your dog all the nutrients it needs. As a starting point, you can talk to your veterinarian about what food type is best for your American bully puppies. Alternatively, you can always visit our American bully blog to discover everything you need to know about your dog.

Since bullies are specific when it comes to their food requirements, you need to create a well-balanced mix. Select a few high-quality products that your vet approves of, all of which contain the following:

  • Proteins – they support muscle growth and help the bully become stronger.

  • Fats – they help speed up the dog’s metabolism and boost the coat’s shine.

  • Carbs – provide the bully with the energy it needs to lead an active lifestyle.

  • Vitamins and minerals – they help improve the dog’s immune response and ensure a shiny and luxurious coat.

  • Fiber – last but not least, helps maintain the balance of the digestive system

  •    2. Look for balanced foods that contain a minimum of 30% protein content

American bullies need to start packing on protein from a very early age – from the first few months of their lives! The food they should consume should be properly balanced, and give them enough protein so they can start building their muscle mass immediately.

There is a general rule that you should follow – when buying food, read the first three ingredients and look for meat sources. The ingredients should be chicken, liver, or beef. That is how you can ensure your American bully puppies get all the protein they need to thrive.

Here are a few easy-to-remember pointers for you:

  • Check your American bully breed food’s packaging and ensure it contains at least 30% protein.

  • Even though some bully breeders feed their dogs with raw meat, vets all over the globe do not encourage this practice. Raw foods can increase the chance of an infection and throw the American bully off its balance.

  •    3. Choose foods that contain a minimum of 20% fat content

Just like all puppies, American bully puppies also require some fat in their diet. A diet plan including 20% fat will keep them healthy and happy. Also, fat is a much necessary compound that helps the protein break down in the body and process the nutrients more efficiently.

Here are a few tips you might want to know:

  • Provide your American bully breed with 30% protein and 20% fat foods to avoid any muscle atrophy and other health issues.

  • If you want to avoid periodontal issues and contribute to a healthy mouth, opt for dry food instead of wet food.

  • While it is possible, and while your American bully is still a pup, you can cook their stews and meals yourself. Check with a vet to ensure you add all the proper ingredients to meet their health requirements.


  •  4. It is feeding time for small pups

There is a golden rule on feeding bullies while they are still young. As an American bully blog, we can assure you that you should follow these recommendations.

Bullies between 8 and 12 weeks old should consume a cup of food 4 times a day.

Establish an optimal feeding time and ensure their food is filled with nutrients. But keep in mind that the amount of food your bully gets should depend on their appetite and size. Buy a food container and carefully study the instructions. This is how you will get the dose right.


   5. Once your bully has grown a bit…

For an American bully breed, once it reaches the 6-month mark, you can give them a cup of food twice a day. This is when their growth rate slows down, and they need this particular amount of food to stay healthy and properly nourished. Start mixing their old food with new food until they’ve become accustomed to it.

If your dog is not receptive to their new foods, then talk to your vet and see what you can do to change that.

  6.   Water it down properly

Instead of letting a bowl of water sit idly by the whole day, throw it out and replace it with some fresh water. Give your dog the hydration it needs to remain healthy and prevent any bacteria from day-old water from entering the system.

Make sure your bully has access to water the entire time. If you notice they consume a lot more water than usual, take them to the vet.

   7. If the bully becomes overweight

It is time to make some restrictions! If your dog becomes overweight, restrict their food access and establish strict feeding times.

You can start by avoiding giving the dog food during the late night hours. The metabolism of the bully changes after the first year, so they put on a lot of muscle. This is when you need to be the most careful.

Last, but not least, remember to give your American bully the proper food it needs! When see how they grow up to be incredible creatures!

For more insightful tips, make sure to read through our American bully blog!you go to the supermarket, choose the more expensive foods, read the label, give them proper amounts, and create the perfect feeding schedule! Buy the best food for them.





6 Grooming and Skin Care Tips for an American Bully

 American Bully dogs have been gaining traction in the pet industry for the last decade. These beautiful, highly energetic, and fiercely loyal dogs are great choices for dog lovers and first-time dog owners.

On the surface, they look incredibly fierce. Plus, the name “American Bully” makes them sound terrifying. However,  if you look past their bold, intimidating appearance, you’d be pleasantly surprised to learn that they’re among the gentlest and most affectionate dog breeds. They make perfect couch potatoes for snuggling and are excellent companions for long walks in the park.

Although these animals are incredibly low-maintenance, you need to learn how to properly care for them. Therefore, in this post, we’ll explore the origins and characteristics of this exotic dog breed and share nine grooming and skin care tips to keep them happy, healthy, and well-behaved.


About the American Bully Dog Breed

As the name suggests, the American Bully is an American dog breed that first appeared in the early 80s. Due to their appearance, they were initially thought to be a new type of pitbull. However, they’re two distinct breeds. However, American Bully dogs do come with pitbulls. They’re a cross between the American Staffordshire terrier and the American Pitbull terrier and different Bulldog breeds to be precise.

This explains their strong, fierce appearance and similar features, such as their thick bodies, high sets of ears, muscular build, and large heads. However, they have shorter legs, a wider body, and the personality of a Bulldog, which explains their calmness, playfulness, and cool temperament.

An Essential Guide to Proper American Bully Care

Here’s an essential guide on how to take care of an American Bully the right way


Food and Nutrition

Food is the most important aspect of any dog’s well-being. However, dog nutrition is based on several factors, including breed, lifestyle, health, size, and activity. American Bully dogs are incredibly muscular and energetic. Therefore, they need a high protein diet to maintain their muscle mass (30%) and a 70/30 ratio of carbs and fat to give them the energy boost they need.

You can consult a vet or an experienced bully breeder in Pennsylvania to learn about the best dog food brands, portion sizes, and mealtimes.


American Bully Dogs spend a lot of time running and playing outdoors. Therefore, you need to ensure they’re hydrated throughout the day. Moreover, you to ensure you give them clean water to prevent health issues caused by bacteria, fungi, and other contaminants found in dirty water. 


Unlike their feline counterparts, dogs don’t clean themselves. Moreover, they tend to get dirty. American Bully dogs are no exception. However, the good news is that they’re short-hair so cleaning them is much easier compared to Labradors, German Shepherds, or Mastiffs. On the flip side, their fur is stiff to the touch meaning it can accommodate a lot of dirt and debris.

Therefore, you should wash your bully at least once every month using dog shampoo, which you can find at a local pet store or online. You also have to watch for signs of lice or fleas, such as rolling. Some Bully Dogs also like to graze their bodies against walls and rough structures which can damage their skin.


American Bully Dogs tend to gain weight faster than other breeds due to their high protein and fat diet. Therefore, they require regular exercise to remain active and energetic. The best way to do this is by taking them for walks every day. If you enjoy jogging, you can have them run beside you.

You can also play fetch with them like any other dog or take them swimming with your friends or family.

Regular Vet Appointments

Like humans, dogs require regular visits to the doctor’s office (or vet’s office, in this case) for vaccinations, checkups, and treatments. Having a dedicated vet for your bully can improve its health. They can keep tabs on their nutrition and adjust diet plans according to their health conditions. Moreover, they can treat different injuries and health problems commonly associated with bullies, such as joint dysplasia’s, heart diseases, and skin allergies.

6 Grooming and Skin Care Tips for an American Bully

Proper grooming and skin care are just as important as any other aspect of caring for an American Bully. Although Bullies have short, stiff coats, they’re susceptible to different skin problems, such as eczema, ichthyosis, skin mites, and fungal infections, causing them to itch and scratch regularly. As a result, owners have to proceed with caution.

If you’re planning to adopt an American Bully or just got one recently, here are six grooming and skin care tips you can use to prevent any issues and keep your dog relaxed and happy throughout the process:

1.    Regular Brushing Routine

Since American bullies have shorter coats, it’s easier to notice loose hairs and rough patches when you pet them. If you don’t brush them regularly, you’d find loose hairs on clothing, furniture, food, and anything your furry little friend comes in contact with.

Thus, a regular brushing routine is important as it minimizes shedding and improves skin. Ideally, you should brush your Bully at least once a week. This will reduce dirt, debris (pollen, food, etc.), dander, and lice buildup/growth. Regular brushing will also help your dog secrete natural protective oils to minimize itching and scratching.

2.    Proper Nutrition and Hydration

Proper nutrition is the key to maintaining the good overall health of your Bully, not just its coat and skin. Therefore, you need to ensure it gets the right amount of macros, especially high-quality proteins. You should speak to your vet to recommend the best dog food products in the market in terms of minerals, vitamins, and meal types.

Secondly, you need to ensure your Bully is hydrated at all times as dehydration usually leads to dry and flaky skin, which leads to irritation and skin problems. So, make sure it has access to clean water in its vicinity.

3.    Temperature Control

Like most dogs, American Bullies usually shed more often during the summer. Therefore, one smart way to reduce shedding is by keeping them cool throughout. Of course, this entails keeping them indoors for long periods in a temperature-controlled environment, which could limit their playtime and activities.

However, you can make up for this lost time by taking them outdoors during the cooler hours of the day, such as early mornings or after sunset.

4.    Regular Vet Consultations for Skin Allergies

As mentioned above, American Bullies are highly susceptible to developing skin problems caused by food or environmental allergies. As a result, American Bullies experience hair loss and more shedding than usual. Therefore, you should proactively consult with your vet to determine your dog’s allergy’s root trigger.

This way, you can determine which animal proteins, carbs, or other macros to steer clear off. For instance, if your dog is allergic to chicken, you can opt for beef. Moreover, you can proactively stock your medicine cabinet with your dog’s allergy and skin medication for self-administration/application.

5.    Stress and Anxiety Management

If you didn’t know, dogs are prone to excessive shedding when they’re stressed or anxious. The most common triggers include boredom, fear, and distress. For instance, they could start shedding excessively if you move into a new home or adopt another dog. Changing their daily routine by limiting their playtime or exercise due to school or work schedules could make them more anxious.

6.    Proper Bathing Shampoo and Schedule

American Bullies don’t need to be bathed as often as long-haired breeds. Too much bathing could have a reverse effect on their skin and coat health as it removes the natural moisturizing oils from their skins, promoting dryness, dander, and itching. Therefore, you should only bathe Bullies once every month during summers and after 2-3 months during the cooler months.

Secondly, improper shampoo can also lead to shedding and skin issues. Many Bullies have sensitive skin and allergies. Therefore, they require hypoallergenic shampoos. So, speak to your vet to find the best-suited shampoo for your dog.               


So, there you have it – 6 grooming and skin care tips for an American Bully. Every aspiring or seasoned bully owner can use these tried-and-tested recommendations to ensure proper care. This exotic, muscular dog breed requires more attention and proactive care than many dog breeds in terms of nutrition, exercise, temperament training, cleanliness, and vet appointments. Therefore, you need to do your homework before you adopt one.


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How to Pick a Show Quality American Bully Puppy

The American Bully has fast become a popular breed because of its friendly and loving nature. However, along with it being an excellent family pet, the American Bully also makes a great show dog.

Picking a quality American Bully puppy for the purposes of showing isn’t as easy as you might think. There are quite a few things to look out for when choosing the best puppy, so here is a handy guide to picking a show quality American Bully puppy.

 1.First decide which type is right for you

One of the best things about the American Bully breed is the fact that it’s divided into several types. For many the main difference is size, but there are types that include crosses with other breeds. If you’re looking for an American Bully puppy, you can choose from:








The breed standards of the American Bully don’t vary massively between types, apart from size of course. All types include references to heavy, muscular builds, with wide shoulders and a thick body. All American Bullys should have a short, stiff coat around a quarter inch long. Competition judges accept all colors for the American Bully, except merle/blotched.

Size is probably going to be the biggest deciding factor when it comes to choosing the best American Bully for you. You can show American Bullys of any size, but they’ll obviously be divided into different categories during shows. The permissible sizes of the American Bully are:


Standard: Males – 17-20” Females – 16-19”

XL: Males – 20-23” Females – 19-22”

Pocket: Males – under 17” but no less than 14” / Females under 16”  but no less than 13”

Micro Exotic: Males under 14” / Females under 13”


It’s also worth remembering that the American Bully is known to be a very strong dog, and so choose a size that you could handle confidently. Size won’t necessarily have any bearing on whether you can compete or not, so choose the one that’s right for you.

Obviously you won’t be able to tell an American Bully puppy’s full-grown height when you’re choosing it. Be clever about which puppy you select, as it might not always be worth going for the biggest – it might end up too big to show. Similarly, steer clear of the runt of the litter, unless you’re choosing a Pocket or smaller.


2. Trust the blood

If you’re new to the world of showing dogs, but were drawn in by the idea of showing an American Bully, then you need to know one thing: trust the blood. This means studying a dog’s genealogy, as there’s usually a good chance that winning dogs will produce winning puppies.

At the very minimum you need to look at the immediate pedigree of the parents. Make sure they both conform to breed standards and are free of any illnesses or hereditary conditions. Responsible breeders will test for these, meaning you should have clear information about the chances of a puppy developing a condition.

Some breeders say it’s more important to look at the mother’s side, but obviously check both. If you have access to the information, check the mother’s parents to see what their pedigree is like. It’s worth going back a few generations if you can, as some conditions can skip a generation.

It almost goes without saying, but you should always see the mother and father before choosing a puppy. Visit on several occasions if you can and watch the puppies interact with their mother. It’s possible the father won’t be there, but meet him if the breeders still have him.

Aside from anything else, you need to check that the puppies are acting naturally, and that the dogs don’t seem farmed in any way. A responsible breeder will raise their dogs with care, and this makes a massive difference when it comes to developing a show quality dog.


3. Check for flaws

When you’re visiting the breeder and deciding on which puppy to adopt, you need to look out for flaws. Make sure you check the parents and all the puppies, including the one you’re thinking of adopting. While your puppy might seem fine, it’s entirely possible that flaws could develop later if there were breeding issues.

Flaws aren’t necessarily health conditions, but they’re things that’ll lose you marks – or disqualify you completely – when you go to show your American Bully. Flaws are generally physical “defects” that mean the dog doesn’t conform to the breed standards. However, some flaws can relate to temperament too.

When inspecting the dog(s) for flaws, look out for the following:

Bulging or protruding eyes

Kink tail or a tail with curvature

Underjaw turning up / underbite

Albino nose (pink nose)

Curly or wavy coat (it should be completely straight)

Limp or difficulty walking


There are plenty more faults to look out for in an American Bully, but many of them won’t be fully visible until the dog is fully-grown. During competitions, judges look out for things like a weak neck and bowed front legs, or splayed feet and a short tail. Many of these will show signs in the puppy, but won’t really manifest properly.

As a result, you’ll need to be very aware and cautious when choosing a show quality American Bully puppy. Considering you’ll be adopting at a minimum of 8 weeks, this gives you time to see the puppy walk and interact with other dogs. However, it won’t have fully developed muscles yet, so just ensure it looks healthy and active.

Not all faults will lead to disqualification from competitions, but serious ones will. If you’re serious about showing your American Bully, then be confident when selecting your puppy. Only choose one that you’re certain is going to grow into a healthy dog, and this starts with identifying faults.


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