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Most dog lovers agree that life is so much better with a dog because it provides love, affection, dedicated company, and a continual supply of amusement. Along with being devoted, your canine buddy can provide comfort and soothe your stress as well. There are many dog breeds to choose from, and the American Bully is currently one of the most popular. These pups are the epitome of a fantastic family dog. They’ve had violent behaviors purposefully groomed out of them while also keeping their loyal and kind nature. This makes them excellent family dogs, and you can relax knowing that introducing one into your house will not endanger your children.

The American Bully is a famous breed recognized for its huge size, power, and peaceful temperament. While being a newer dog on the market, it has a considerable following in the United States. They were bred in the 1980s by dog breeders who wanted a bully mix with greater heft and muscle than that of other bulldog breeds but with fewer health and behavioral difficulties. People looking to purchase this canine don’t have to look further anymore.

CapCity Bullys is a 15-year-old American Bully Kennel headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania, near Cleveland in Ohio, Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, and Buffalo in New York, so you can drive up to our family kennel for superior-quality dogs.   Our American Bullies are raised to be self-assured, friendly, and defensive, with a desire to please their owners. We breed for disposition and display quality. We are constantly searching the country for American Bullys for our pups to mate with outside of our kennel, looking for elite lineages with championship characteristics and structure.

Our primary objectives are health and disposition, but it doesn’t end there! We consider structure, muscle tone, head size, color, and various other characteristics to ensure that we only breed the finest for you! We are distinct from most kennels in that we don’t have a standard kennel layout. Our dogs sleep comfortably in beds and are not confined to kennels during the day. We take pride in developing dogs with a wow element and excellent temperament and agility, despite their large size.

Why You Should Get an American Bully Puppy from CapCity Bullys

Variety Galore

Finding the correct breed and size of an American Bully is essentially what every potential dog owner desires, and we have them here at CapCity Bullies! We have several puppies that you can choose from.

We are privileged to own such dogs, as well as others who are equally competent. This means that whenever you purchase a puppy from us, you are purchasing a genuine breed. At CapCity Bullys, we don’t take shortcuts.  We don’t deceive our customers and simply give them the finest American Bullies they can find.

We’ve worked hard to create the best pedigrees in this industry. What’s more, we’ve never been satisfied with second best, and we don’t think you should be either! Get in touch with us today and get yourself an American bully puppy that you can groom and train to become a loyal partner who will stay with you even if everyone else leaves your side.


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You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the safe unsubscribe link in the footer of our emails.