When people first see the American Bully, their mind usually connects them to the ever-famous Pitbull. Although there’s some truth to that, given that the American Pit Bull Terrier is its base, this dog breed is quite the opposite of what you expect! At first glance, the Bully can seem rather unapproachable and grouchy, and their bulky look might urge you to stay far away from them. But, the reality is much different, as they can be really playful, interactive, and most of all friendly! 


Still, you may have seen reports that the American Bully can get quite aggressive with other dogs. Some counties in the US have even demanded that the breed should be banned. However, this generalization of the dog breed couldn’t be more wrong! Namely, the reason why the Bullies have acted this way is due to improper training.


So, to ease your mind, the American Bully can be the best companion you can have, only if you provide the appropriate training. Have no idea where to start? Read our blog below on the major key points you need to pay attention to.


Are American Bullies Friendly? 


Despite its grouchy look which at times can be rather intimidating, the American Bully is rather friendly and affectionate. This makes them a great option for families with small children, as they are known to be rather gentle. Still, their behavior is greatly influenced by their training, so you’ll need to keep a close eye on how they socialize with different people.


When it comes to other dog breeds, however, the Bullie’s temperament can get in the way, meaning that they won’t form connections as easily as Golden Retrievers, for example. But that doesn’t mean that they’re the social pariahs of dog breeds. On the contrary, you’ll just need to be extra patient with your training, and you must start as early as possible.


With that said, here are some tips that are proven to work and will get you the outcomes you expect.



Start Early with Socialization


If you want your American Bully puppy to be friendly with other dogs and animals, early exposure is key. In other words, you’ll need to do your best to make them socialize, as this will help them develop healthy relationships. Keep in mind that the “prey instinct” is stronger in some Bullies, meaning they are more likely to attack other animals, so keep them under strong observation.


To begin socializing your American Bully, your best bet is the dog park. But don’t just unleash them and let them roam free! Instead, carefully inspect the area to see whether it’s calm. If crowded and noisy, they can get overstimulated, resulting in a behavior that’s far off from the one you desire. With that said, make sure the area is calm, and if it is, you can let your Micro Bully socialize with other dogs, but again, ensure that both pet owners are monitoring and keeping their companions at bay. 


In contrast, if you want to be on the safe side completely, then you may want to consider starting socialization in puppy training classes or arranged play dates. It is a sure way that your puppy will be in an appropriate environment with good conditions for socializing. Also, you can take into account calm walks with other trained dogs. These are amazing methods to avoid intimidating situations for your furry companion and give them the chance to become friendly.


Do Not Forget About Rewards 


Every American Bully puppy will react positively to positive training. This means including rewards in your training system. Whenever your dog behaves well in interactions with other dogs and animals, you should give them a treat. This way, they will learn that their behavior is what their owner expects, and they will easily adopt it as a habit and a part of their personality. 


You should reward behavior, such as gentle and playful greetings to other dogs, or well-mannered playing. When you include positive reinforcement for positive behavior, you give your Pocket Bully signs of what you expect them to do. Do not wait for your pet to realize what you want from them because they need signs from you! What is the best way to do that? Giving them treats whenever they’re being such great dogs! 


Stil, be careful not to include rewards when your American Bully gets too excited and playful. Sometimes, these kinds of interactions can get too aggressive, and your pet might mistake them for a desired behavior. Incorporate your reward system in a calm and positive environment.


Find Them The Right Play Companions 


A Pocket Bully is quite similar to a child. If they have the right playdates, their behavior will turn out positive and well-mannered. So, when arranging one for your pup, ensure that you have found the right friends for them. Do not expect that your Bully will develop friendly behavior if they have aggressive friends to play with. Just like kids, dogs tend to copy other behavior and adopt habits similar to the companions they spend time with. 


You will be able to arrange play dates for longer interactions as soon as your dog has several friends who are good at interacting with each other. You must give your Micro Bully this game time to learn the right way of interacting with other dogs and building confidence.


In addition, make sure that you always monitor the play to ensure that the behavior they maintain is just like you expect. Control the interactions and never let them become too rough or aggressive. Only then you will be sure your canine is developing good manners and healthy habits.


Your American Bully can quickly become a friendly and well-mannered canine. They will interact well with other dogs if you start their socializing, training, and executing a disciplined routine early. To ensure success, arrange and plan the right kinds of interactions so they can be rewarded for good behavior. These tips will help you get on the right track and ensure you are raising a friendly companion! 


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