Taking care of an American Bully, or any dog, isn’t as simple as providing them with shelter and food. They are living beings with feelings, so naturally, they require more than just a warm home and a belly full of food. When we talk about American Bullies, we refer to sensitive canines that enjoy attention and spending time with their owners. This breed likes socializing, so meeting certain requirements is crucial for their mental health. Otherwise, you may be faced with an unhappy pet that is difficult to keep calm and healthy. 


In this blog, we are going to discuss how you should look after your Bully, ensuring appropriate actions for their physical and mental well-being. Remember that your pet is also a sensitive being that requires emotional support, just like humans. So, here are some ideas that will keep your furry friend happy and calm.


Regular Walks 


One of the first and best measures to ensure your American Bully is properly looked after is providing regular walks for them. These dog breeds enjoy walking with their owner and spending time outside. Not only is this a good exercise, but also an excellent way to keep your companion happy and well-behaved. 


Moreover, walks with your Bully create a fantastic opportunity for bonding, which they truly enjoy. Dogs are pretty similar to humans when it comes to relationships. They appreciate every moment spent in the company of their owner. The walks you have with them are practically their form of socializing.


In addition, you can use this time for some basic training and teaching some commands. American Bullies are quite obedient and well-mannered if you spend some time teaching them. Seeing you happy means they are so glad, and there is no better mental enrichment for them than this. 


We recommend that you start building these habits as early as possible. American Bully puppies are great learners, and if you teach them while they are still young, you will establish a sound basis for proper mental health development.


Quality Time with Friends


Your American Bully will undoubtedly enjoy spending time with you. However, they also like spending time with their dog friends. They cherish the presence of their owner, but they want to have someone of their kind by their side. So, finding some friends for your Bully would be wise for their mental well-being. 


Just like parents schedule playdates for their children, you should arrange a playdate for your companion with some other furry friends. Having your Bully spend time with other dogs is a good form of physical and mental exercise. Furthermore, they learn how to interact with canines, which is crucial for their well-balanced development. 


If you do not have any friends with dogs, take your Bully to the closest dog park. The chance for your pet to find at least one friend to play with is likelier than other places. This way, you can make this a regular habit with the owner of the dog your furry friend likes.



Teach Them Games 


American Bullies are also really playful! They love challenges and learning new stuff. So, teaching them something new you both enjoy will not only keep your dog physically fit but also mentally engaged. When following commands and learning game rules, you keep them on their feet – literally. Interactive activities are the best way to influence proper growth, especially for American Bully puppies. 


One good example of a game that Bullies love is tug-of-war. Since the game includes a lot of commands, you get the chance to play with your dog and teach them how to be obedient. Your pet will love it, and you will be able to keep them engaged as much as you want. Remember to establish solid terms about these kinds of activities because your companion needs to understand when it is the appropriate time for playing.


Give Your Bully Hugs 


As we mentioned before, Bullies are quite sensitive and affectionate breeds. Every Capacity Bully we have looked after has proven to be a great hugger. So, ensure that you always set time for kisses and hugs. Just like humans, they want to feel loved, and petting them is a genuine form of affection that shows how much you adore your pet. 


Hugging time is a time for bonding, connection, and attention. Surely, this type of activity is a dream come true for an American Bully. Your pet deserves to see how loved they are, and hugging is the best way of showing it.



Include Hiking As a Regular Activity 


There is nothing more exciting for dogs than exploring new environments, especially for American Bully puppies. Searching for new surroundings and discovering new spots is what canines are all about. Most American Bullies are curious by nature, so taking them to new places they can explore is crucial for their mental enrichment. 


Remember that Bullies can get quickly bored with regular routines. It is not that they cannot live with a proper routine, but they need a change every once in a while. To provide them with conditions to satisfy their curiosity, taking them on hiking trails can do miracles for them. Plus, it is a win-win situation – you get some physical activity while your pet gets to explore new surroundings. It is the best way to keep them calm as well because a long hike will take their energy, and they will remain tranquil for the rest of the day. 


The mental health state of your American Bully is as important as their physical one. We hope that these activities will help you keep your dog happy and mentally satisfied. You do not have to do all these tasks at all times, but make sure you do at least several of them regularly. Taking care of a dog’s mental health may seem like a challenging task, but once you learn what your Bully likes, you will not have any issues.


If you want to purchase an American Bully, please check our website for more information – you will learn everything about this breed, from puppies to adult companions. And, if you are interested in some more information about Bullies, head over to our blog page. To never miss out on anything new, scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill out the email alerts box.




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